What exactly is CARD NINJA?
CARD NINJA is a high-energy, interactive stage act that combines comedy and card manipulation, specifically card throwing.

Card throwing?
Yes, a lost art form. Cards as weapons if you will. The proper term is ‘scaling’.

Is there magic in the act?
No, there are enough magicians in this world already. CARD NINJA is all comedy and cool stunts with cards. It’s something completely different.

What events is CARD NINJA good for?
Any event with a stage space and audience! The act works great at corporate events, after dinner speaking, private parties, festivals, cabarets, showcases and more.

How long is the act?
Again, flexible. CARD NINJA can be anywhere between 5-50mins. Most performances are 10-25mins.

You do stand up comedy too?
Yes, I was doing stand up before I picked up the cards. I regularly perform stand up sans cards in clubs, comedy nights and festivals.

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