‘We booked the The Card Ninja to wrap up our annual conference in style, and we’re delighted we did. His act is truly astonishing – like nothing you’ve ever seen!  He is funny, talented and has a real knack for connecting with an audience. Also (importantly for a corporate event) Javier is highly professional and really easy to work with.
If you’re looking for a very different way to end your event on a high, then you should definitely consider The Card Ninja.’
– Richard Owen-Hughes, Marketing Director of DriverHire

‘Javier was excellent. He engaged the crowd, performed a great set, was entertaining and very professional throughout.’
-Kris Galloway, Halfords Media

‘Javier did an amazing job with a tricky crowd – we were very impressed. And what a lovely guy!’
– Hannah Ferguson, Wise Productions

There aren’t enough adjectives to describe how good Card Ninja is! One of the most consistently excellent acts I have ever seen. He has the rare ability of possessing awesomely jaw-dropping skills with a razor sharp wit and always, always brings the house down
– Catia Ciarico, Magic Night

He’s gonna be a star
William Burdett-Coutts (Producer of Black Books / Artistic Director of Assembly Theatre)

“Jarquin is seriously talented when it comes to working a crowd… the real aces up his sleeve, however, were his winning, charismatic stage personality, and some genuinely punchy comedy material”
The Stage

“Brilliantly entertaining performance”
– The Edinburgh Reporter

“Excelled at ninja standard card-trickery”
The Evening Standard

“Jarquin is beyond talented… draws the audience in like an industrial magnet”
– SG Fringe

“High calibre throughout”
– The Morning  Star

“I have never seen such an engaged, reactive and eager audience”
– Three Weeks

“In his lethal hands harmless playing cards become ninja stars of spinning destruction”
– Broadway Baby

laugh and even if you don’t, you will be impressed
Theatreview (NZ)

A confident and charismatic performer with a calm and natural stage presence Jarquin’s routine flows from observation to anecdote informed by a palpable understanding of where his audience sits in relation to his material. He assumes voices and characters with ease, his jokes are distinct entities that segue smoothly into one another; his set is tight, cohesive and extremely well executed.
Theatreview (NZ)

Jav Jarquin flips the whole concept of card trick on its head… By the climactic stunt the whole room is rooting for him
The List

Who would have thought a man throwing playing cards could be so much fun? Card ninja Jav Jarquin is a fresh, funny and unique addition to the WBF Sumner Stand Up
The Press (NZ)

Jarquin’s audience got to spend an hour cracking up at him doing ninja stuff with cards… it was easily the most unique hour of this edition of the Comedy Festival
Salient Magazine (NZ)

The card tricks are good and impressive and the banter is pretty funny and keeps the show moving along. There’s no ‘proper’ magic, thankfully, so I can definitely recommend this as an hour of things you can do (and may probably try later on) with a pack of playing cards. Ninjaaaaaa
Australian Comedy Review